What is The Port Defender Secure VPN?

The Port Defender VPN is Security and Peace of Mind!

This small open source application encrypts all of your Internet traffic; http, ssh, ftp ... everything, opens a private channel to our secure servers and funnels it all past local prying eyes.

The Port Defender Secure VPN protects your identity, your privacy and your computer. The Port Defender Secure VPN is the answer for travelers worldwide!

What does The Port Defender VPN do?
  • US servers
  • Protect your privacy
  • Encrypt All Internet Communications
  • Hide your IP Address
  • Members Only Social Network
  • Members Only Organizer
  • Members Only Group Calendars
  • Encrypted Chat
  • Protected Email
  • Hinder virus infections
  • It's portable - keep it on a USB Flash drive
  • Use it on any Computer
The Old Philosopher would say ...

Hi yea folks ...

You say you checked your Facebook account at the coffee shop and the hoody in the corner cleaned out your bank account and the waiter cut up your wife's credit card in front of her Thursday afternoon support group.

You say you just filed your last news report about the revolution and the Generalissimo Maximus is breaking down your door.

You went to the counter to get your designer cafe' latto and when you looked back at your table your laptop was gone ... and all of your passwords were on it and now you can't login to your bank account.

When you came back from Mexico, Customs copied you hard drive and your afraid to tell your girlfriend that your screen saver was her topless photograph.

Your agent needs a copy of your resume for a new job and your afraid to use email because you employer might find out your looking for work.

You say you were typing the last chapter of your novel when a message popped up, "You have a virus, click here to remove it." So you clicked the button and it asked for $29.95 to buy the software that will fix your computer. So you filled out the form, bought the software and it erased your whole computer. And before you could reload your PC someone cleaned out your checking account.

Or, my favorite ... "When you put your 35 cents in the cigarette machine did the hot chocolate run out all over your shoes?"

Is that what's buggin' you Bunkie?
Then lift your head up high, take a walk in the sun and show the world, show the world you'll never give up.

* The Old Philosopher - Eddie Lawrence